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Longevity Medicine in Los Gatos


Longevity medicine, also known as anti-aging medicine, is a blossoming field in medicine. A focus of the practice is to follow high-value concepts in this field including regenerative exercise medicine (evidence-based combination of cardio training, resistance exercises, stretching, balance and posture training), sleep hygiene, stress management, and advanced diagnostic tools for cardiac and cancer screening to help patients proactively extend their health span (the duration of their lives in a dynamic physical state).


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Longevity medicine in Los Gatos takes a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare focusing on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of age-related diseases. It combines various fields, including genetics, biology, technology and pharmacology, to understand the aging process and develop interventions that can help individuals maintain optimal health and functionality throughout their lives.

What Is Longevity Medicine Does

At Transform Wellness Clinic in Los Gatos, your longevity medicine doctor will provide care that encompasses a wide range of treatments and interventions, including:


Nutritional Support and Supplements

Physical Activity

Hormonal Therapies

Genetic Testing

Lifestyle Modifications

Advanced Testing

Why Try Longevity Medicine in Los Gatos?


Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

You’ll have direct access to your doctor, with visits often the same day as the call.

Advanced Cancer Risk Assessment

With your membership, you receive a wellness program that focuses on lifestyle changes as well as appropriate metabolic screenings and cancer screenings.

Advanced Metabolic Health Assessment

You won’t get rushed through your visit. Concierge medicine gives you the time you need.

What to Expect

The Longevity Medicine Process



Prior to beginning Longevity Medicine in Los Gatos at Transform Wellness, we’ll have a conversation about your current diet, exercise regime, and lifestyle habits. Because we approach your wellness in a holistic manner, we will also take into account your medical history and perform a full body analysis. This allows us to understand you and how to help you achieve your unique goals. We will also discuss different testing options, including lab tests, radiologic tests, and genetic tests.


Longevity Medicine Session

During your longevity medicine visit, we will uncover your wellness goals, values, and expectations as well as the historical obstacles that have stood in the way. Depending on your personal goals, we will develop workout, supplement, and meal plans completely tailored to you. We’ll talk through these plans and answer any questions you have!


Next Steps

Our goal is to provide compassionate and expert guidance before, during, and after your wellness journey! We want to cultivate structured support and guidance that helps you build these healthy behaviors into your daily life. With wellness counseling, you will take control of your well-being!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced cardiovascular risk assessment?

In addition to the traditional risk factor analysis (a standard lipid panel), here at Transform Wellness, we take it a step further. We analyze a variety of lab markers including, but not limited to, genetic predispositions (Cardia X by Vibrant Wellness), advanced lipid panel, inflammatory markers, apolipoprotein, lipoprotein A, micronutrients, heavy metal screening, thyroid panel and omega 3/6 fatty acid ratio testing.  We also offer calcium scoring CT scan or a CT coronary angiogram (by Cleerly) to better assess your cardiovascular risk.  We then provide you with proactive recommendations based on the best available clinical evidence.

What is an advanced cancer risk assessment?

The best approach to cancer survival is prevention and early detection. We try to identify your risk factors, adjusting those that are modifiable. This is done through detailed personal and family history, along with genetic testing when appropriate. We also offer cancer detection above what is normally recommended, including the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test and full body MRIs (with Prenuvo).

What is an advanced metabolic health assessment?

Metabolic health is the basis for almost all chronic disease, including diabetes, fatty liver disease, certain types of cancers, neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimers, as well as cardiovascular disease. We take a proactive approach to your metabolic health with in depth testing, including fasting insulin, homocysteine, uric acid, thyroid, and basic sex hormones, as well as offering micronutrient testing and genetic testing (from 3×4 Genetics).

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