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What Makes Transform Wellness Unique?

We provide a top-tier experience through our extensive knowledge, advanced technology, and unrivaled care for our patients.

Transform Wellness takes a comprehensive approach to every individual and customizes their care to their specific goals. Our provider, Dr. Perkins, and his team create amazing results for patients of all shapes and sizes, helping them look and feel like the most confident versions of themselves. If you’re looking for the premier wellness clinic in Los Gatos, look no further than Transform Wellness!

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Your Care Goes Beyond the Symptoms

The concierge family medicine service at Transform Wellness Clinic in Los Gatos will change the way you achieve your best health. Our personalized health care model focuses on:


Clinic & doctor visits as you need them, when you need them



Enhanced access to your doctor (not just appointment drive-bys)



Whole health assessment to treat the root cause of your concerns


Your Home for Uncompromising Care

You’ll find Transform Wellness Clinic at 360 Dardanelli Lane, Suite 2e, in Los Gatos. Our facilities provide convenient care in a warm, non-corporate, cozy environment.

However, our services go beyond the walls, with direct availability and access to your primary care provider, via phone, email or text, 24/7. Visits are also longer, to achieve more personalized care.

From medically supervised weight loss programs, to stress management, restorative sleep tactics, non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and more—our wellness clinic in Los Gatos doesn’t just treat the symptoms. Transform Wellness Clinic treats the whole person for 360-degree wellness.

Our Concierge Medicine Program

We offer a concierge family medicine service, which is a personalized health care model that focuses on timely visits, doctor accessibility, and healthy lifestyles.

We educate each of our patients on proper nutrition, restorative sleep, stress management, exercise regimens, and vitamin supplementation. And we ensure only the highest quality of care through close working relationships between you and your primary care provider.

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Hear It From Our Patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Perkins for many years. When he decided to move off into a concierge service, I did not hesitate in moving with him. The 24/7 availability is priceless. He is smart, well read, a good listener and I have no doubt has my best health as his number priority. I recommend Dr. Bradford Perkins to anyone.

- Tim

I have been a long-time patient of Dr. Perkins, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable physician. Dr. Perkins has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions, and he has always been patient and understanding. He has helped me to improve my overall health and well-being, and I am grateful for his care.

- Martin

Dr. Perkins sees the patient as a whole. He has a modern approach . Dr Perkins is knowledgeable , thorough and caring ! He is accessible and easy to communicate with !

- Noa

Dr. Perkins has been the best in caring for my mother who has multiple types of dementia (age 90) and is in a Memory Care Facility. The ease in which we can adjust her medications when necessary together and with the Care Facility has been great!!

- Jennifer

Dr. Perkins has been our family doctor for over 12 years. He has helped my husband to my boys from the time of birth. We absolutely love him and are very pleased with his practice. He will continue to be our family doctor for years to come. Thank you Dr. Perkins for everything you do for my family and everyone in the community.

- Angelina

Dr. Perkins is thorough and resolute even for complex cases. You feel heard with Dr. Perkins, not rushed. He’ll tell you if he doesn’t know and help you find a specialist who knows the answer. He’s a great doctor who will give you the attention you deserve from the healthcare system and not leave you behind.

- Joyce

Dr. Perkins is very thorough and cares deeply about what is going on with your health - he spends a good amount of time listening!

- Dave

Dr. Perkins has been our PCP since 2013. I’ve found him very helpful anytime we’ve needed medical help. What I like about him is that he doesn’t accept whatever the patient is telling him but actually will have a discussion with you before agreeing to a treatment or test. He and his staff are also readily available via the PAMF app/website for any remote support. I am glad to have Dr. Perkins as our family doc.

- Kunal

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