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Concierge Medicine in Los Gatos Means Unlimited Access


Our concierge medicine service at Transform Wellness Clinic means front-of-the-line access to your doctor, with unlimited office and telehealth visits that last as long as you need.


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Imagine having your primary care physician’s direct phone line for medical questions, or to line up simple diagnostic and/or blood tests in-office. No more waiting a month for an appointment; no more paying out-of-pocket before you can go to the examination room.

With membership in our concierge medicine practice, you can still utilize insurance as necessary, but get the service and routine care you want—and need—when you need it, period.

What Concierge Medicine Does

At Transform Wellness Clinic in Los Gatos, your concierge medicine doctor does everything a primary care physician does, including:


Conduct physical exams

Provide diagnostic screenings

Administer lab tests

Minor urgent care

Longer office visits

Same day appointments

Personalized care

Why Try Concierge Medicine in Los Gatos?


No Long Waits

You’ll have direct access to your doctor, with visits often the same day as the call.

Focus on Prevention and Longevity

With your membership, you receive a wellness program that focuses on lifestyle changes as well as appropriate metabolic screenings and cancer screenings.

A Better Experience

You won’t get rushed through your visit. Concierge medicine gives you the time you need.

What to Expect

The Concierge Medicine Process


Book Your Appointment

Get in contact with us to get started with concierge medicine in Los Gatos at Transform Wellness. We’ll take the time to fill you in on all the details, answer any questions, and make sure you understand the annual fee and the advantages that membership provides.


Get the Benefits

When you join our concierge medicine practice, you’ll have a private number to call your doctor whenever you need to. It’s all about returning to a doctor-patient relationship that doesn’t leave you feeling rushed or like a number. Concierge membership means direct care without waiting weeks for an appointment.


Enjoy Your Experience

Concierge medicine is all about your experience. You should feel listened to, understood, and appreciated. Unlike traditional practices that have doctors seeing up to 40 patients a day, our physician usually sees 6 to 10 patients a day, spending as much time as needed with each person during same-day or next-day appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is concierge medicine in Los Gatos at Transform Wellness?

Concierge medicine is a membership-based form of health care that allows you to pay a single monthly or annual fee for unlimited doctor visits in-office or through telehealth, much shorter wait times for appointments—even same-day appointments, and longer visits that don’t leave you feeling rushed. It’s the kind of care you’ve always wanted from your doctor.

Does my insurance cover the annual fee for concierge medicine at Transform Wellness Clinic?

No, the flat annual fee for your membership is not covered by insurance. However, services not covered by your membership fee are usually covered by insurance, and we’ll do everything we can with insurance to see that you get all the help possible covering your healthcare costs. A concierge medicine membership doesn’t replace health insurance, though it may allow you to utilize a less-expensive level of insurance coverage.

What makes concierge medicine different from traditional primary care providers?

A concierge medicine clinic like Transform Wellness Clinic in Los Gatos differs in several ways from traditional primary care providers.

  • We limit our patient count to a few hundred, rather than several thousand.
  • We devote more time and personal attention to you.
  • You get same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Doctor visits are never rushed; you get as long as you need.
  • The care is more personalized.
  • With the private number, you have 24/7 access to your doctor.
  • You can use insurance for more specialized or intensive medical care.

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